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BambinoStar™ labeler is ideal for labeling unstable containers or products such as vials, test tubes, micro-tubes, ampoules, small plastic round bottles and capable of processing up to 140 BPM*. The system can be configured with infeed and outfeed trays that gently load and gather the containers before and after labeling. The BambinoStar ™ can be equipped with the latest in quality verification stations systems ensuring all failing inspections will result in the defective container being positively rejected.
• Bar Code Scanners
• Complete Vision Inspection System for OCR, OCV Inspection (lot #/expiration date)
• Label Code Verification
• Label Presence Sensors.
Applications: Vials | Test Tubes | Micro-Tubes | Ampoules | Small plastic round bottles
Speed*: Up to 140 BPM**

  • * Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples
  • ** Bottles per minute

BambinoStar, labelling/sleeving machine

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